Modern energy market manipulation

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Hlavní autor: Kleit, Andrew N., (Autor)
Typ dokumentu: E-kniha
ISBN:9781787433854 (e-book)
9781787439191 (ePUB)
Vydání:First edition.
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  • Prelims
  • Chapter 1 What is manipulation? What is not manipulation?
  • Chapter 2 Economic theories of manipulation
  • Chapter 3 Some historical manipulation cases, or understanding why the Hunt brothers did not manipulate the silver market
  • Chapter 4 DiPlacido: the CFTC confuses manipulation and hedging
  • Chapter 5 Introduction to electricity markets
  • Chapter 6 Were California's electricity markets manipulated, and by whom?
  • Chapter 7 Deutsche Bank: what should the legal rule for trading financial transmission rights be?
  • Chapter 8 Amaranth and Brian Hunter: you certainly look guilty
  • Chapter 9 BP America: let the best story win!
  • Chapter 10 Barclays: the defendant meets Mr. Kafka
  • Chapter 11 Rumford and Silkman: money for nothing, kicks for free
  • Chapter 12 Powhatan: what is manipulation?
  • Chapter 13 Some final thoughts
  • Name index
  • Subject index.