Central banks as fiscal players : the drivers of fiscal and monetary policy space

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Hlavní autor: Buiter, Willem, (Autor)
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ISBN:9781108904292 (ebook)
9781108842822 (hardback)
9781108822763 (paperback)
Rok: Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2021.
Edice:Federico Caffè lectures.
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Shrnutí:It is well known that the balance sheets of most major central banks significantly expanded in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2007-2011, but the consequences of this expansion are not well understood. This book develops a unified framework to explain how and why central bank balance sheets have expanded and what this shift means for fiscal and monetary policy. Buiter addresses a number of key issues in monetary economics and public finance, including how helicopter money works, when modern monetary theory makes sense, why the Eurosystem has a potentially fatal design flaw, why the fiscal theory of the price level is a fallacy and how to escape from the zero lower bound.
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