Regulatory approaches to crypto assets in the EU and selected jurisdictions

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Další autoři: Tomčiak, Petr (Autor práce), Houska, Daniel (Vedoucí práce), Jedlinský, Jakub (Oponent)
Typ dokumentu: Kvalifikační práce
Rok: 2022
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Shrnutí:The master thesis focuses on the regulation of crypto assets in the European Union with respect to the proposal for a regulation of the European Commission on Market in Crypto Assets. The author examines the regulators' view of crypto assets, discusses rules in selected jurisdictions and critically evaluates the approach of the European Union. Crypto assets represent a young class of assets performing many functions in the financial sector. Such a dynamic industry, where various technological solutions are emerging and its lifespan is often short, is associated with high risk. The growing popularity and awareness have spined a need for a legislative solution. Regulators' global efforts have so far focused on preventing illegal transactions. A comprehensive legislative solution still lacking in most countries. The proposal published by the European Commission in September 2020 shall set out comprehensive rules for crypto asset market players. EU regulators aim to provide legal certainty and ensure consumer protection without overburdening market rules.
Poznámka:Vedoucí práce: Daniel Houska
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