Emotions and service in the digital age

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Další autoři: Härtel, Charmine E. J., (Editor), Zerbe, Wilfred J., (Editor), Ashkanasy, Neal M., (Editor)
Typ dokumentu: E-kniha
Edice:Research on emotion in organizations ; 16.
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  • Part I: The digital age
  • Chapter 1: What the digital age is and means for workers, services, and emotions scholars and practitioners; Jasmin C. R. Härtel and Charmine E. J. Härtel
  • Chapter 2: Technologically Altered realities: a realm for new emotions research, training, and management possibilities; Jameson B. G. Härtel and Charmine E. J. Härtel
  • Chapter 3: The evolution is now: service robots, behavioural bias and emotions; Kate Letheren, Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Lucas Whittaker, Stephen Whyte and Uwe Dulleck
  • Part II: Adapting to the digital age
  • Chapter 4: Focusing on the human element: effective coaching in the digital age; Jennifer A. Nash
  • Chapter 5: Development and evaluation of an online coaching model for medical students' and doctors' mental and physical wellbeing management; John Jasinski, Jennifer Jasinski, Charmine E. J. Härtel and Günter F. Härtel
  • Chapter 6: Leaders' emotion expressions in digital communication: defining social distance in leader-follower-relationships; Prisca Brosi and Marvin Schuth
  • Chapter 7: Opportunities, tools and new insights: evidence on emotions in service from analyses of digital traces data; Anat Rafaeli, Galit Yom-Tov, Shelly Ashtar and Daniel Altman
  • Part III: Emotions and care in the digital age
  • Chapter 8: Can care and cure co - exist in age of internet influenced health care? Psychological androgyny and emotional intelligence in Indian doctors; Sunita Ramam Rupavataram
  • Chapter 9: Rough winds? Emotional climate following acquisitions; Riikka Harikkala-Lahinen
  • Chapter 10: Expressing negative emotions in work relationships and affective organizational commitment: a latent difference score approach; Daphna Brueller, Nir N. Brueller and Etty Doveh
  • Chapter 11: Openness as moderator between feeling bored and managers' decision-making competence: a study of managers in the retail industry; Magda M. du Preez, Hendrik S. Kriek and Jeremy Albright
  • Chapter 12: Family business s