Brand seduction : how neuroscience can help marketers build memorable brands

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Hlavní autor: Weber, Daryl, (Autor)
Typ dokumentu: E-kniha
ISBN:9781632659859 (e-book)
Rok: Wayne, New Jersey : Career Press, 2016.
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  • Cover Page
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Introduction: The Mental Underworld of Brands
  • Part I: The Brain-Brand Connection
  • Introduction to Part I: The Brain-Brand Connection
  • Chapter 1: Beauty is in the Brain of the Beholder: How Brands Enter the Mind
  • Chapter 2: Do I Have Your Attention? Why it May Not Matter As Much As You Think
  • Chapter 3: Remember That? How Brands Live in Our Memory
  • Chapter 4: Getting Emotional: The Real Role of Emotions in Branding
  • Chapter 5: Decisions, Decisions: The Truth Behind How Consumers Decide
  • Part II: A New Model for Brands
  • Introduction to Part II: A New Model for Brands
  • Chapter 6: Capturing Cool: Why We Need a New Way of Thinking About Brands
  • Chapter 7: The Brand Fantasy Model: Making the Intangible (Somewhat) Tangible
  • Chapter 8: The Brand Fantasy in Action: A Few Case Studies
  • Part III: Building Brands That Seduce
  • Introduction to Part III: Building Brands That Seduce
  • Chapter 9: Filling Your Brand Bucket: Aligning Every Piece of Your Brand to the Same Fantasy
  • Chapter 10: Advertising to the Unconscious: Building Your Brand's Fantasy Through Communications
  • Chapter 11: Researching the Unconscious: Market Research that Actually Works
  • Chapter 12: Innovating for the Unconscious: Developing New Products that Last
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter Notes
  • Index
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Author.